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  • Head Automatic Dispenser

    Made by the best possible materials. Refillable 64oz bottle inside. Gives a great advantage with regards to fill times.

    The state of the art infrared sensor captures any movement up to 6 inches away from the dispenser

    There is a security lock to prevent any misuse of the device

  • High Quality Aluminum Stand

    Build in the USA, solely by USA people. We take pride in helping our local business while providing the best products out there.

    The entire stand is made of high class aluminum which guarantees durability and resistance to any weather conditions.

  • Stable Foundation

    Solid aluminum foundation design the facilitate assembly of the stand as well as to provide a strong base for the dispenser.

Purchase options for automatic hand sanitizer dispencers

We offer a variety of options

Our dispensers can be purchased as stand alone machines or as a part of a monthly abonnement together with the hand sanitizer.

  • Our wall mounted dispensers are simply the best you can buy. Made by the most durable plastic, they are designed to withstand high usage with very low power consumption and most of all great portion control on the amount of sanitizer used. 

    Our our clients can benefit from out manufacturing rates. Please note that there is a minimum order quantity per purchase. 

    Please get in touch with us now and we will be more than happy to help. 

  • This is the info

Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have a question!

Should you have any questions about our white label services or regarding a purchase, we are here to help.

Difference between SpectracomXtreme and conventional Disinfectants

Alcohol Based

NOT - Antimicrobial
Highly Corrosive
NOT Safe for Humans
Efficient in just over 10 min
NOT Organic
Contains Alcohol

Chlorine Based

NOT - Antimicrobial
Highly Corrosive
Efficient in just over 10 min
NOT Organic